Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving From Heckinaw County

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My dad's Sunday comic strip Coogy ran for 3 1/2 years (1951-54) and was syndicated by the NY Herald Tribune. The principle characters (usually) inhabit Native American Arizona, and thereabouts: the eponymous-named Coogy -- from the native U.S. mountain lion cougar -- and Big Mo, a bear who evolved to be more of the main star of the strip. Originally pushed by the Trib as their answer to Walt Kelly's Pogo, today's entry hails from 1953, at a point where he had already begun to move away from a resemblance to the Pogo story style. However, at any given place in the strip's run you might easily pick out Kelly's inking traits.

By the looks of this episode, my dad wasn't getting overly sentimental about the holiday. Still, isn't the beauty of inclusiveness that we might all celebrate in our own manner? Why should the passion of a golf addict be less reverent?

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eeTeeD said...

well, i'm thankful that you are sharing all this great work with us!

this strip has a wonderful, loose style to it. was your father a golfer?

p spector said...

I guess you could call him an irate golfer. I used to go to the driving range with him and listen to him swear over a bucket of golf balls. But the one that went straight and had good distance...well, you know, worth every penny. Me, I don't play.