Monday, March 29, 2010

Abner The Baseball -- A LIttle Pepper In There Boy

In October of 2009 I received emails from Turkey. Here are some excerpts: late 80's abner the baseball became very popular in turkey .everybody looks for it but nobody can find.

abner was shown in turkish tv channel TRT , between 85-90's.(in the football matches half times.) turkish children loved it very much.especially "little pepper in there boy" became an idiom.. turkish people use it as "Hadi biraz biberliyelim" it means "let's start" for people aged 25-30 remembers abner...they talk how they can find it, some of them will be very happy to see that cartoon just one time again .because abner is one part of their childhood.

So, I asked Bob Jaques if he had a copy the thing, and it was immediately uploaded. Fatih, in Turkey, wrote me, ...from now on you are God to me. I forwarded the message to Bob, as it was better meant for him, who replied (to me), "I think you are the divine one." While Bob and I were discussing who was going to be the One, Fatih emails me: it s only a joke paul :)
That's too bad, because as the One, I had already made a list of all the butt I was gonna kick.

Here's Abner:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paramount Cartoon: The Inquisit Visit

Dave Mackey has launched another of my father's cartoons on youtube. Maybe not the best of them, but I have to say I have not actually had the chance to see it before. Hats off Dave!

The Inquisit Visit -

BTW, Do you have The Ring-A-Ding Kid? No one I know seems to have ever seen it!