Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paramount Cartoon: Mike The Masquerader (Modern Madcap, 1959)

In my previous post I asked if anyone knew the title of the cartoon that the initial model sheet (the elephant) was related to. In that, J Lee and Ken Layton answered the call: Mike The Masquerader. Bob Jaques took it one step further, and not only suggested that I post the cartoon, but then he actually had the nerve to send it to me (and thereby welcome me into the 21st Century, film clips online -- what a concept). Big thanks to all.

I did notice a bit of anachronistic chicanery: the model sheet is signed and dated 1960, yet the animation itself is copyrighted 1959. I went back and looked at the model. Although it's a stat, it appears that my father's signature and date are not. My guess is he received the model back from the studio the following year and signed/dated it then.


Bob Jaques said...

According to the production number on the model sheet this cartoon began production in October 1958.

p spector said...

Thanks Bob. I'll assume that "N" signifies "Noveltoon", although it released as a Modern Madcap. Maybe it never made it's way into release until 1960?

Bob Jaques said...

The Noveltoon production numbers did start with an 'N'. It appears that the Modern Madcap series took over from the Noveltoons as far as production numbers go. A similar thing happened when Betty Boop series ended and the Stone Age Cartoons began. Both series production numbers started with a 'B'.