Tuesday, September 29, 2009

L'Amour The Merrier: Paramount/Famous Noveltoon, 1957: Storyboard (Pt.1 of 2)

Yes, it's true -- Louise is my sister's name.


Yes, there are a few boards missing, but no one will have a tough time following. Some of you might also have noticed that my dad cut down 3-punch peg to make his own boards. That, and the dabs of color occasionally tossed in, confirms my suspicions that the storyboards I retain are a sort of first draft; as far as I know, few cartoonists were able to get back their final boards.

Part 2 to follow shortly.


El Siglo del Ruido said...

thanks for posting this. Irv was the man.
Anyway, i really laughed through the whole thing and it's just a storyboard. New cartoons with big budgets never make me laugh.
Irv makes it look easy.
thanks, i'm gonna keep checking your blog.

p spector said...

Siglo, thanks for coming inside and for the compliments. Glad you got some laughs. Pt 2 probably up tonight or tomorrow. - Paul