Saturday, December 12, 2009

Comic Book Interlude: The Farmer's Daughter #1

Here's a real Spector oddity of cheesecake. The Farmer's Daughter ran for four issues, beginning with the February-March 1954 issue. What is it with the four-and-out titles from this era such as Muggy-Do, Boy Cat, Lucky Duck, and now this? You'll notice that the story is copyright Hal Seeger, although my dad drew and wrote all the stories in it (Muggy is also copyright Seeger). Anyway, I am personally taken with the rushed yet controlled abandon of its loosey-goosey style.

Yup, she was only the farmer's daughter's butt. I don't have my Overstreet guide at hand but I do recall there being a mention of a "lingerie panel", or "nudity panel" -- or something to that effect -- in this same issue. Here's a one-pager to which they must have been referring.

Thanks to Glenn Bray for inadvertantly mentioning this title to me, Bob Jaques for locating and sending me scans of issue #'s 1 and 2 from Golden Age Comics (UK) and of course the folks who uploaded them in the first place.


cartoonretro said...

Something interesting about this title: Everything in the comic was drawn by your dad, but I'm 99% sure that the girl was drawn by cartoonist Bill Williams.
Williams was a good cartoonist, but I would've liked to see Irv's take on a sexy girl.
Thanks again for this great blog!

J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

Damn I love hillbillies.

p spector said...

Shane, You could be absolutely right. I've wondered about the daughter because it is so not like his style of that period. Do you mean the comic cover or the comic in it's entirety?...because some of her poses are very much like his other work (bottom of page 5, for example.)
Speaking of drawing babes, did you know he worked briefly on some of Timely's Miss America? I've yet to be able to identify it.

Thanks for commenting - Paul

p spector said...

J.V., Thanks! I love hillbillies too. In fact, I've come to believe that I live amongst them..
As always, thanks for coming inside. - Paul