Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paramount Cartoon: The Inquisit Visit

Dave Mackey has launched another of my father's cartoons on youtube. Maybe not the best of them, but I have to say I have not actually had the chance to see it before. Hats off Dave!

The Inquisit Visit -

BTW, Do you have The Ring-A-Ding Kid? No one I know seems to have ever seen it!


Dave Mackey said...

No, I don't have that "Ringading Kid"! Everyone's been looking for it.

"The Inquisit Visit" is a good cartoon - the sort of cutting-edge satire you never would have thought would come from Paramount Cartoon Studios. But that's Irv Spector.

Kirk Nachman said...

Wow, yer old man's cool jazz age riffs are far out.

Thanks to Mr. Mackey for these Paramount moderns!

p spector said...

Nacht, In the 1950's my "old man" was having a drink at the bar in the Oak Room of the Plaza Hotel. And who grabs the stool next to him but Errol Garner, his piano hero! My dad asks, "Why does Fats (Domino) put the knock on modern jazz?" Fat's replies, "Oh you know Fats. That's what he say but that's not what he do."
I swear this is true. If I can find the letter to me this is written in I'll post it.

Anonymous said...
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Glenwood said...

Wow -- I just stumbled across your blog and am so pleased to see you blogging about your dad and showing some of his animations and work. Some of my fun memories of childhood were being down in your basement and just being in utter awe of the chaos and the drawings on the walls. It was incomprehensible to me that your dad could just draw all over the walls the way he did, as if I had done that in my home, I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a month. :)

I also remember loving to listen to your dad play the piano. To this day, I think I still remember the lesson he gave me on playing "Boogie Woogie." But mostly, I remember him as the most fun dad on the block.

Hope you and "Weezie" are well.

-Next door

Anonymous said...

The Artwork in the Inquist Visit cartoon sorta Reminds me of George Litchy, and the Story Is Really Really Funny and your Father's Outlook on life is hilarious. Your Father was also a very observant Guy, He Was a Sweet Guy too, and His stuff was a huge far cry from that Awful Badly Drawn Eyesore Repetitive Casper/Little Audrey/Herman & Katnip stuff. some of your father's paramount Modern Madcaps were Totally MADCAP!.

If any of you Private Collectors are Reading this Comment, Do you by any chance have "The Ring-A-Ding Kid", Im Dying to see that one.

Love your Blog Paul, It's Totally Cool. Your New Friend, Asim.

p spector said...

Glenwood, you can only be one person (unless you're pluralized.) Not sure if you remember the time we pulled up the long grass outside the open casement window to his basement studio and tossed it inside. Gawd, was he pissed! Can't blame him.
BTW, my dad only knew about 10 songs on the piano -- I got to hear them in rotation all the time.

Anon I'm laughing because my father DID work on the "Awful Badly Drawn Eyesore Repetitive Casper/Little Audrey/Herman & Katnip stuff." A person's gotta make a living.

Anonymous said...

I Understand Pau. SHEESH! How could i ever forget, he wrote Herman and katnip's first cartoon Mice Capades, and I do agree a person's gotta make a living. That's what John. K Had to do when he worked for the "Bleak animation landscape of the 80s". and i don't think your father worked on Casper or little audrey, did he?. but i do know he worked on a couple of herman & katnips. anyways your father always wrote the best stories and i think his comic artwork is Fantastic and very cool.

Your Buddy, Asim M. Ishak, Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I also Forgot Irv Spector animated a few Lil Audrey cartoons as well, in Al Eugster's crew in the late-40s. Dave Mackey, could you please upload some Howard Post-era Paramount cartoons, Im also dying to see those, even though by this time, Irv spector was already at DePatie Freleng. Asim.

Kirk Nachman said...

Great anecdote, Paul! Took me awhile to follow up.

(Incidentally, they still sell those red/blue combo pencils like that you scanned from dear-old-dad's-tools-of- the-trade! That was a marvelous post!)

Chris Sobieniak said...

"Awful Badly Drawn Eyesore Repetitive Casper/Little Audrey/Herman & Katnip stuff."

Yeah that's probably the best way to put it (though I thought the first H&K cartoon was kinda good with the way Katnip's soul gets enslaved at the end).