Monday, October 19, 2009

Christmas In October

When I blogged the Coogy Columbus Day post, I found out that they were already celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada! What the heck is going on here? The absolute nerve! Not to be beaten to the punch again, I'm skipping this coming November's scheduled T-day post and going straight on to Christmas. On December 25th, expect my July 4th post, unless somewhere else someone is celebrating their Independence Day before that.

I have no idea who drew this card. Likely, the conversation went this way:

ARTIST (to Spec): Uh, Spec, what are we going to do about an Xmas card?

SPEC: Good idea -- hadn't thought about it. Would you like to do it?

ARTIST: I'd love to.

And so there ya go.

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Will Finn said...

Whoever did it, it's pretty cool. Surprising not to see Linus more prominently featured in this castle setup (he is a king after all), but I guess it's all the more egalitarian for that.

Love the figure who appears to be hamlet in one of the windows.