Thursday, October 8, 2009

COOGY: Columbus Day Special (Black and White and Sunday Color)

Yes this post is premature, as Columbus Day is celebrated in the States a few days from now, this coming Monday the 12th. Yet, this post came together so quickly that I figure we might as well get a jump on the matter and trump all those other bloggers whom I know will try and do the same thing.

I put Special in the title because not only do I have the originals but also their corresponding published Sunday color strip, and so now, for the first time on Spectorphile, we get to see them side by side. Now, to some that might be redundant but I figure it was more than just a serendipitous event because I actually have only three of the five episodic originals and likewise the same exact ones for the colors. We can not deny the hand of fate, my friends. Plus, rather than teasing you by serializing it and making you return here over the next few days until Monday, I'm giving it to you all at once!

Politically, Columbus Day divies up people, depending upon which point of view one takes. But Spectorohile doesn't deal in politics, we just deal in cartoony stuff. However, we will say that if you are foolish enough to attempt a crosstown drive in Manhattan this Monday during the time the parade strolls down the Avenue, you will be cursing Columbus's arse over the fact that he ever left port in the first place.

October 21, 1951:

November 4, 1951:

November 18, 1951: