Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coogy: The Bus To Hollywood

I'm just putting this online because it's a dobie and I already had it scanned (I'm temporarilly enstranged from the Irvchives). Pay attention to the top right panel where Coogy says "Tennis anyone" -- it was included in the NY Tribune's promo to its syndicators...which will be shortly published here. Enjoy.

From October 7, 1951:


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Wow! I do not understand why anyone at Fantagraphics can see this and not think it's a book! Add to that the wonderful color of the actual Sundays... it's an emberrassment of riches. At least they could devote their reprint section of the Comic Journal to a couple of them. Have they not yet been in touch?

p spector said...

Ger, It's likely half my own fault. I don't push the stuff, I just publish it online. Fantagrahics must be aware. I guess they have other priorities. For myself, I just have my own fun running my hands through it all and playing with it.
- Paul

Phil said...

Irv and my uncle David Rosenkrantz (MIA in WWII) grew up neighbors and friends. Irv's niece, Betty, eventually married my uncle Jack Rosenkrantz. It was really cool to finally discover the relationship and learn about Irv's amazing achievements.

Phil Rosenkrantz