Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coogy NY Tribune Promo: PEnnsylvania 6-4000 (In Canada, 808-509)

Hey Spectorphiles. Here's the sales promo by the New York Herald Tribune for Coogy, from 1951. The written style of the copy was certainly not by my father's hand, but I suspect it might have been written by Harold Straubing, at that time an editor for the Trib, and subsequently he and his wife Helen (including Geisha, the gentlest German Shepard you'd ever want to meet) great lifelong friends of the family.
If you read my previous Coogy post then you'll notice the "Tennis Anyone" from which it's referenced.

Here's the strip that the Trib decided to put on the back of the promo:

I think I might have already posted the original for this, but in case not here it is:

Chronologically, this is a follow-up leading into a series to which unfortunately (Damn you Bekins Moving and Storage) I don't have the remainder:


J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

More great stuff! Makes me wonder what infraction is less than cutting the leaves off a celery stalk!

Dave Mackey said...

I see a lot of Walt Kelly in your dad's comic work. Was he a fan of Pogo?

p spector said...

Dave, You can tell by the sales promo that the Tribune was absolutely looking for their own counterpart to Pogo. I don't know positively that my dad was a fan (i.e., I never heard it from his mouth) but I'd guess he would have had to have been a fan. He enjoyed all the wonderful works of others. You should have seen the dedicated -- "To Irv" -- Willard Mullin piece that hanged on the wall above his home studio. Another fine piece that Somehow Bekins lost on the move from east to west.

p spector said...

Pongo, The only less infraction is cutting off bread crust. I thought you knew that.