Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Comic Book Interlude: Stuffy Derma in "Shipped Ahoy"

I recently obtained a copy of Muggy-Doo, Boy Cat #2 (September, 1953), within which my father drew and wrote all the stories and the cover. But I'm not posting a Muggy story. Instead, I'm posting one where Stuffy Derma is the main character. Why? Well, when one comes across a character with a name like that -- that's what one does.

Is it just a coincidence that an advertisement like the one below precedes the story?

By the way, for those of you who don't frequent a certain kind of deli, Stuffy Derma is name after the delicacy Stuffed Derma:
Stuffed derma, also known as kishka (Slavic for “gut”), is traditionally a cow’s intestine stuffed with a mixture of grain, fat, and sometimes ground meat and vegetables. Nowadays, kishka is most commonly made with a synthetic casing, and when made at home, some people use chicken skin as a wrapping instead.
Typical filling recipes include flour, matza meal, salt, pepper, chicken or beef fat, grated carrots, and grated onions. It’s eaten plain, with sauce, or on top of the traditional Sabbath afternoon stew (called “cholent”).


Mike Kazaleh said...

Great Story! Thanks much for posting!

Fans of the "Milton the Monster" show will recall that Hal Seegar re-used the name "Stuffy Derma", this time as a human, a millionaire hobo. Muggy Doo also appeared on the show, now as a "boy fox". Seegar believed in recycling before it was fashionable.

J Lee said...

Too bad Stuffy Derma didn't last long enough to partner up with Menudo, so they could dominate the market of pop culture monickers named after foods made with cow intestines.

p spector said...

We can now understand why the placid bovine has been muse to many. Personally, through the years, I've had my share of stuffed derma. Really, you can call it sausage in other cultures. It's only Kosher when from a cow, but if you've ever eaten chorizo, consider yourself indoctrinated.

Dave Mackey said...

"Stuffy Derma" also got a spelling change when he transmogrified from pig to human - he was from that point called "Stuffy Durma". He was fortunate from that point on to have his TV adventures (of which there were just four) animated by James Tyer, who brought his trademark style to the proceedings.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Wow! I wish I had this book!

p spector said...

Ger, I don't know why it is that the "Muggy-Doo, Boy Cat" title seldom comes up for sale. By nature they shouldn't be rare but for some reason they are scarce. I only have #'s 1 and (now) 2. I overpaid the book price for both of them, although I don't mind because I am not a comic book collector in general -- only issues that have my dad's work in them. Earlier this year I went to the NYC Comic Con. I didn't see one issue for sale...not one!