Friday, May 22, 2009

Lucky Us

Here's two Lucky Duck stories that are not included in the four eponymously titled LD issues (oddly, numbered as 5-8...Muggy-Doo, Boy Cat are 1-4); a 3-pager and a 1-page. Next post will be a longer Lucky Duck story. Let's thank Mr. Bob Jaques, who discovered them all in some Supermouses he purchased and sent scans our way.

You'll notice that this next one is under a Rocky Rabbit heading, rather than LD. The endgag is a pre-owned throwaway, but I know you people only look at the pictures :)


Ger Apeldoorn said...

So did these predate the Lucky Duck books and could there be more out there?

p spector said...

All the ones I've seen seem to have run concurrently (with some slight overlap) with the regular issues. IMO I'd say there are more out there, although not all that many. At the NYC Comic Con I thumbed through some Supermouses of this period, but came up with nothing (I have to say that the NY Con was pretty anemic on golden age in general).

Eric Noble said...

Lovely artwork. Definitely a weak gag, but these were meant for kids, not twenty-year-olds. Thanks for putting it up.