Monday, May 25, 2009

Lucky Duck in "Mountain Madness"

As promised, here's another Lucky Duck story that appeared in a Supermouse. Once again, hats off to Bob Jaques for the scans. Splash original courtesy of Glenn Bray. Big thanks to both.


eeTeeD said...

hey, you said this story appeared in "supermouse".

there were two very interesting artists associated with supermouse... milton stein and gene fawcett.

very little is known about these two talented men. do you recall if your father had any dealings with either of them?

p spector said...

My dad crossed paths with a lot of people but I don't remember him ever mentioning their names. In fact, even with close to a decade of comic book work, they (comic books) were just an afterthought to him -- in that time period, a way to pick up extra cash in between animation and his Sunday strip. For instance, in the mid-late sixties when I began to read Marvel, he saw Stan Lee's name and said, "Oh yeah, I know Stan". That would have been back in the late forties Timely/Atlas era.

Eric Noble said...

Cool artwork. I like your father's style. Pedestrian story though, but hey, that was funny animal comics for you.