Friday, December 5, 2008

Comic Book Interlude: Lucky Duck, "From Bad To Voice"

That Lucky Duck! No matter how much that darn Rocky Rabbit tries to take advantage of him for his own greedy use, it eventually backfires, while Lucky's natural good fortune prevails. IMO, "From Bad To Voice" is a nice example of an animator-drawn comic story. At 12 pages it's lengthy enough to seem like a short cartoon, with some good scenes, plenty of gags and reckless action.

From Lucky Duck #7, (July 1953). In actuality there are only four Lucky Duck titles, #'s 5-8. I've always assumed it takes up, issue-wise, where Muggy-Doo Boy Cat, only issues #1-4 leaves off. They're all Standard Comic (Literary Enterprises) and my father did the cover on all eight, as well as drawing and writing this story. However, Lucky began it's run six months earlier. Based on that my guess is that they were all conceived far in advance. Although who knows? Any additional information is always welcome.

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eeTeeD said...

this comic is great! many thanks for sharing it with us!

looking at your father's style, and the companies that published his comics, i'm wondering if your father got his comic book work through jim davis?