Monday, December 1, 2008

The Linus the Lionhearted Show: Roll Call

There was no physical office for Ed Graham Prods during the making of the INA commercials, however once Linus was greenlighted, Graham west opened up in 1963 at 4741 Laurel Canyon Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA. At that point my father began to grab staff from all over. From the production assignments below, rendered in my dad's own handwriting, you can no doubt toss darts and come up with any combination to assemble a dynamite All-Star team of that era's animation industry talent -- several eras, really. Even a casual observer of animation credits will recognize these names, and if not then you've admired their work somewhere along the line and not known it. (Feel free to ask for clarification in the comments section, as some can be confusing. For example, Singer would be George, except near the end where B. Singer is Bob. ) The line-up ranges from pre-WWII buddies to those newer on the scene. All sure-winners. A Rosetta Stone of sorts for exactly who did what in the first season of the Linus the Lionhearted Show.

Layoffs came at the end of the first season's production schedule and everyone got their asses canned. My dad went off to work with Chuck Jones for a bit.


Dave Mackey said...

My assumption on the second page, under the SoHi cartoons, is that "Gerry" refers to Clyde Geronimi, and "Baldwin" would be Gerard Baldwin. You're right, that was quite a crew that was assembled for that show. Lots of old Disney hands, a few Warner Bros. folk thrown in... good mix of talents.

eeTeeD said...

is "corny" corny cole? i didn't realize he was working in the animation biz this early!

p spector said...

I'm assuming it's Cole. He did have other credits for several years prior running up to Linus.