Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Donald Spector

I have a vague mental image of my dad drawing the following three pages of a Donald Duck comic book story, but for decades I never knew where it ended up. It took Thad K and David Gerstein about 6 seconds to find out that the story was destined for an Italian edition of the comic book, and that the final roughed version most likely went to the Italian artist who would then redraw it.

I have no idea whether my dad or someone else drew these, although the writing in the first picture doesn't quite look like his. They just sort of exist on their own outside of any particular work I have. They were stashed in an envelope with some development writing my dad was doing for UPA in the very early 1960's, although I may have put them there myself at some point.

The following action sequence is not for the squemish.

(No ducks were harmed during actual filming)


Bob Jaques said...

Thad supplied all the information - and I think Thad solicited some help from Dave Gerstein IIRC.

p spector said...

Your're right, Bob. Correction made!