Friday, December 26, 2008

Coogy: Dirty Money - A Fight Film

As the heading suggests, Dirty Money is a comic strip parody rip on classic old cliche-ridden fight films. The good news is that I believe (in my very subjective view, naturally) that it's got some good artwork and writing. The bad news is that I only have 3 of what was probably 4-5 segments. I hope that's not too anticlimactic for anyone. I'll try and get one up each day or so. When we moved across country in the early 1960's, Bekins Moving and Storage "lost" half of the complete run of Coogy. What's missing is part of that. And yes, still, like an idiot, I both hold a grudge and somehow some hope. From March 16, 1952.

Things will be hectic for me the next 10 days and I am looking for things that are easy for me to put online. "Dirty Money" occurred to me when I saw today's Boxing Day twist over at Pappy's. Go take a look. You'll see some obvious similarities in his and these (especially the third one I'll be putting up.) Thanks, Pap!


J Lee said...

The Bobst Library at New Yok University has the old microfilm copies of the New York Herald Tribune on file, if you're looking for the missing copies of the cartoon (though they'd still have to be photocopied by someone with access to both the microfilm and a printer).

p spector said...

When I first moved back to NYC in the late 1970's I went to the NY Pub. Lib. branch and could view and print them there. I did that with a few but they didn't really make it easy for a person. I see they are still there as well, although listed as "research", whatever the precludes. Maybe I'd have to go in with a his death certificate and a machete.

Someone told me that they are now digitalized (digitized?) and that some universities have them, although I am not sure if that is through a subscription basis or what.

J Lee said...

Yeah the old image-printing microfilm readers the N.Y. Public Library had back in the 70s and 80s were pretty bad, though I found that sometimes that was due to the original photocopying of the pages for archiving. A badly photographed or an uneven microfilm image would produce a bad print off the reader.

I would think with the Bobst's budget and its location in New York, NYU would probably have digitized their microfilm as well -- so that pages could be brought up from computer files to avoid damaging the original source film -- though not to the level of the New York Times, where you can call up stories individually on the internet. And if there were light/dark areas within a page, I don't know if someone would have bothered to go in with a program like Photoshop and fix them up.

My guess is the H-T pages would have been scanned and given their own specific file without the image corrections, and individual items on the page would still have to be taken out manually, whether they're stories or comic strips (and then it would get into what the scan rate was for the digitized microfilm -- hopefully no less than 150 dots-per-inch -- to determine if you could get a decent photocopy out of the file).

p spector said...

Certainly worth another trip back at some point. I might go into the City for NY Comic Con to rummage through the golden age funny animal stuff. Maybe then. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

Pappy said...

I really cracked up over the jokes in the middle tier of panels. Any comic strip cartoonist of today would feel lucky to have such material.

Great, great stuff, and wonderful drawing. Thanks for the post and the plug.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Sometimes you can also aks for a micro-film roll through your own library and view them at you leisure. Using the Inter Library Loan system (ILL).