Monday, January 26, 2009

Coogy: Mary Mo (Pt.5) - Plus a Switcheroo

Original from Nov. 15th, 1953.

Same episode as published in the Tribune dated November 15th, 1953. What's different?

(Color scan compliments of All Things Ger)

Yes, that's right. On my originals, the top tier of the final episode was swapped with the top tier of the penulitmate episode. Here's the tier that was originally on this episode, which I cropped from my own orignal Pt. 4, posted previously:
What happened to my beloved originals? The NY Herald Tribune would offer their strips to their syndication papers as either a 2/3rd page or 1/2 page, In other words, the papers would publish either two full strips on a single page of newspaper, or three strips on a single page at two tiers per strip -- either way adding up to six tiers per page. If you look back on the Coogy originals I've blogged, almost all would still make sense if the top tier was lopped off and the final two tier were run by themselves. Often, the top tier was meant to be a little gag by itself. The top tier was removed physically to do this. Hence, when it was time to reattach the top tier, some absentminded drone at the Tribune must have swapped the top tiers from episodes 4 and 5. I always knew something was amiss with these originals in regard to how the 4th declared the "Final Episode" and yet the 5th episode did not, and also how Mark Dextrose's drive on the NY State Thruway was disjointed. However, I've been looking at them for so long I eventually just took it for granted. It wasn't until I looked closely at the color scan that it finally made sense to me what had happened. Okay, so not the biggest mystery to you, but I can now sleep easier.

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Eric Noble said...

Funny ending. That really doesn't surprise me at what happened. I can't wait to see the other posts I missed out on.