Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coogy: Mary Mo (Pt. 3)

A soap opera offering hope to those discouraged souls afraid to face life as seen on television.

From November 1st, 1953:


Eric Noble said...

I think too much blood went to Mark's head during the headlock. Very funny. You know, the style of the way the humans are drawn reminds me of Will Eisner. Did your father ever read his work?

p spector said...

Undoubtedly my father was aware of everybody's work, so it wouldn't surprise me if you see some Eisner in this. Coogy didn't start off with any actual human characters, but later on they began to creep into the strip. The Mary Mo series is the only one I can think of where so many at once are principal characters.
As well, many folk see a Walt Kelly inkline in a lot of Coogy, which I have to agree with. In fact, the Tribune promoted the strip as Pogo-ish. Once you've seen a lot of the Coogy I believe it becomes more apparent how he worked others' style into, and while retaining, his own -- although you've deduced that already.

As always, thanks for commenting.
- Paul