Thursday, January 8, 2009

Irv Spector at Ed Graham Prods: INA - Red Riding Hood; Scattered Boards and Layouts, Assorted Rough Stuff

Here's the second part of my father's work for the INA (Insurance Company of North America) Red Riding Hood sixty-second commercial spot. All I have are bits and pieces of boards and layouts. However, since I know you read the shooting script in the previous post you'll have no trouble filling in the rest with that keen sense of photographic recall you all possess. Of course the wolf eats Red, Grandma and the insurance agent at the end -- don't you wish you could do that? At least to an insurance agent?

Here's another small section of boards done a bit differently, and then a few sheets of layout. After that it gets mighty thin, possibly clickworthy only for hardcore fans and squirrels.

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