Monday, February 2, 2009

Comic Book Interlude: Rocky Rabbit - "Out Of My Mine" (From Supermouse #31)

Rocky Rabbit was Lucky Duck's foil in all four of the Lucky Duck title issues, and it's interesting to me that Rocky got his own story in a Supermouse (#31, June 1954). The final Lucky Duck, #8, was published in 1953, so either this story sat on the publisher's shelf -- both Supermouse and Lucky were Literary Enterprise, Standard Comics -- or my father knocked it out close to a year later.

It's doubtful I would have come upon this story without Scott Shaw reviewing the issue in his old Oddball Comics column at Comic Book Resources. Thanks Scott!

Also, I plan on running into NYC for the NY Comic Con this Saturday, 2/7/09. My plan is to rummage through the used and abused golden age stacks for more of these sort of stories that appeared outside of the usual titles. Any readers of this blog who are also going and feel like hooking up, shoot me an email at the address in my profile.

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