Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Touch More Pink

Here are two Pink Panther model sheets. Both are Xeroxes. I didn't crop these, they appear here just as I have them. This first one is dated 1964.

Below, this next model sheet is dated 1968. You can see that it would be identical to the one above it, except someone excised the bottom-right pose where PP is smoking a cigarette, rearranged a few of the bottom headshots, and rewrote "Pink Panther" where the original smoking Pink would have been. Maybe the U.S. Surgeon General was cracking the whip in the direction of the FCC (right after their salaries were paid from tobacco taxes).

Striking Poses

A Bit Of The Walk

So now, in this and the previous post, you have some examples of boards, models and walking posture. All you would really need to go off and make your own storyboard is some official DFE board stationary. Hey look! -- here comes some now. I even formatted it for you so that it will print out correctly on 8.5 x 10. Go have fun.

For the time being, Spectorphile is moving on to different items. Pink and other DFE related work will return in the future.


Bob Cowan said...

Very nice segment! Thanks

Bob Jaques said...

Great stuff!!

It looks like the storyboard panels on the blank sheet were formatted for widescreen film and not TV. Do you know if Irv worked on any of DFE's theatrical shorts??

p spector said...

Bob J., I noticed that too about the storyboard panels. It comes from a a pad of paper you'd buy at a store.
Nothing else I have from him resembles widescreen -- just the blank pad! I don't believe he did any theatrical PPs, although he might have worked on other DFE theatricals.

Dave Mackey said...

Paul (and Bob), the Pink Panther cartoons were all produced as theatricals, and would be used in the television show for NBC (and later ABC, in the case of the 1978 episodes) somewhat concurrently. Sometimes, a cartoon would show up on TV first, then be released to theatres later.

My filmography lists Spector as writer for the following films: "Flying Feet" (Roland and Rattfink), "Technology, Phooey" (Ant & Aardvark), "Scratch A Tiger" (Ant & Aardvark), and "Gong With The Pink" (Pink Panther), in addition to his director credit on the Warner Bros.-released "Corn on the Cop".

p spector said...

Dave, thanks for the info. I have, material-wise, two bridges that he directed, so that would have to be for the show. My guess is that he directed many more bridges for the show that I don't have a record of.

Also, I've cobbled together another complete storyboard. Looks like it might have been a forerunner to Pink da Vinci, except it doesn't look all that much like that cartoon. Could be it's boards for another bridge. In it, PP is an artist who befriends a starving artist, who are then in a kind of competition for patrons.

Brubaker said...

Thanks for posting these. The early draft of "Gong with the Pink" in particular was interesting, including a somewhat racial gag.

Not that DFE was above stereotyping Asians, judging by a half of the theatrical Blue Racer shorts that came out about a year later.

MGM actually released the entire Roland and Rattfink output on DVD (although the only way to get it is through a $60 DVD set), including Irv's one writing credit to the series, Flying Feet. I might put that up someday.

Brubaker said...

Oh, and one more thing.

Irv also did the storyboards for the Dr. Seuss special "The Lorax". It was the 2nd of the six Seuss specials DFE produced.

p spector said...

Yes, I have his copy of the complete official DFE script for that, including his handwritten revisions within. It's a lot of pages -- I mean a lot! If someone can give me just one really good reason to post it...