Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Those Who Dwell Among The Rocks

There's a time-honored and not all that uncommon tradition among cartoonists to once in a great while draw human figures among the backgrounds or secondary textures of their work. My personal take on this is that it's a fleeting feeling: the moment is ripe, the whim hits, and bang! it's on the page before they know it. I'm no artist, but I'd venture the urge is irresistable. (Maybe some artists reading this can elaborate on the phenomenon.) My dad was no different. Somewhere I have a storyboard panel where the same thing happens, although I can't say that it makes it way to finished animation form. However, below are two Coogy's where this has occured and there's no reason to think it didn't carry over to published form in the Trib. The two examples I've excerpted are quite easy to spot from the beginning (this is not a puzzle page). If you've been following the Coogys I've posted then it's no secret that my dad had a love for the landscape of the American Southwest. Long before Coogy was conceived, he'd driven across the country about a dozen times (thirteen, I think).

From March 21, 1954:

re the above: In real life, "Bea" is my mother, and my father actually did grow up virtually on the border of "Watts", CA -- and so you can easily deduce who really did live at "1619".

From May 2, 1954:

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Eric Noble said...

I knew those store pies were just a cheap imitation.

By the way, I love how cartoonists draw images within their backgrounds. One of the best examples is the Fleischer Betty Boop-Cab Calloway Trinity. I love those backgrounds.