Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Irv Spector at Ed Graham Prods: INA - Cinderella, Shooting Script

Here's the revised shooting script for INA (Insurance Company of North America) that my dad did for Ed Graham Prods. This one is based upon Cinderella. If you've been following these on Spectorphile (and I know you have) then you'll naturally recall that there were five of these spots: Graham's idea to rip off -- ...er, I mean paying tribute to without paying royalties to -- Jay Ward's Fractured Fairy Tales, right down to the Edward E. Horton narration.

Cinderella should be a little more visually interesting than the other shooting scripts due to the fact that I've scanned it from my dad's own hand-on-paper, rather than the B&W stats. The final animation was done by the inimitable Dick Thompson. Other than that, my dad did the direction, animation direction/layout and background layout. On the few occasions you come across the scrawl of blue ballpoint pen, that would be Graham, exercising his creative might and unable to control his excitement over finally learning what "truck-in" means.

(click on all to enlarge)

Next post I'll put up my remaining tidbits for Cinderella.

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