Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coogy: Shakespeare - Some Classy Dames Get Catty...Oopsie, I Meant Chatty (4 of 5)


Bob Cowan said...

- I got a kick out of the story line!

- Thanks for posting it! -Bob

p spector said...

Thanks, Bob. I have several different written developmental pieces from throughout my dad's career that use a similar story line -- a famous person from history thinks thoughts into a character's head (often Shakespeare) -- but I'd be hard pressed to name you one piece of animation where it was actually utilized.

1951, the date of this particular strip, was the period where my dad's industry career began to straddle the line from animation to story (although he continued to do a lot of animation throughout.)
In my opinion, one thing about the stories in Coogy is that he had to please the Trib's audience (gags...which pleased him anyway) while also keeping his own writing self creatively satisfied.

Eric Noble said...

Quaint is not the word I would use for Big Moe's wife. I prefer "quirky". Brilliant stuff. I love how your dad uses lines in his work. Great construction for the characters, but it still seems loose and fun.