Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coogy: William Shakespeare Speaks Through Big Moe (1 of 5)

Well, the Ides of March are just about upon us, which makes me think of Julius Caesar, which in turn makes me think of William Shakespeare, which again in turn makes me think of a Coogy serial. In truth, these five Sundays have nothing to do with the Ides, or Caesar...and my father certainly had nothing to do with Shakespeare. However, the Bard will make posthumous appearances throughout. They're from 1951, there are five of them, and they'll be posted in the next five consecutive days. Here's the first:

By now, you might have intuited that on some occasions that I post the strip -- which are already shot and imported into my ancient Windows ME computer -- then I'm biding time with you while I ready other posts. That would be true in this case.

As a head's up, these other posts will correspond to the Chuck Jones Olympiad Marathon Event that Turner Classic Movies will air on March 24th, and for which my dad did some damage on two of the productions: one credited, the other, not. You would do right by going over to Mark Mayerson's blog and see the Jones schedule he posted a few months back. That's where I was first alerted to it. Thanks, Mark!


Eric Noble said...

Of all the people the Bard could have chosen, he chooses Big Moe. Oh well, I guess he's trying to improve Moe's intellect. Awesome strip. I think one of the comics publisher, like Fantagraphics, should do reprints of this strip. Any REAL cartoon fan would buy it.

p spector said...

Thanks for chiming in, Weirdo, not least, and maybe most, for even "thinking" about the strip.

Yours is not the first time that the idea for an article in FG and/or elsewhere has been broached, although to my knowledge a formal pitch to a publisher has not been made. You might go over to FG, or CJ, et al, and look at their guidelines for submission. Feel free to email me at the address in my profile, whenever. Game?