Sunday, March 8, 2009

Paramount-Famous Studios: In The Nicotine - Model Sheets

Three model sheets (please pardon the seams) drawn by my father for the Paramount-Famous Studios cartoon, In The Nicotine. Synchronistically, serendiptitously, or just plain ol' coincidence, Cartoon Brew has posted the cartoon.

No story credit on this cartoon. Animation layout only.

You'll notice that his payment included monies for a title Poison To Poison. I'm not aware of a cartoon by that name, but I'm thinking it was an earlier working title for The Plot Sickens. Anybody have a different take on that? I'm open to it.


Anonymous said...

The title "Poison to Poison" may have been an earlier title for "The Inquisit Visit" (1961) which was a send up of "Person to Person". I has a story and layouts by Irv Spector.

Love the site. I'm a long time fan of Irv Spector.

J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

Ah, the smooth mellow flavor of a Spector.

p spector said...

-- Hey thanks Mike! I'll bet you're correct because three ledger pages afterward there's an entry for it. Unfortunately, that's all I'd have of it to show. Regardless, thanks for coming inside! General comments and SPECulation like yours make the blog.

-- White Pongo. Your comments make the blog too. I think my dad was still smoking Old Gold Filters at this point, but was soon to switch over to Tarryton(sp?). Mom smoked Lark, with the "charcoal micronite" filter. Can't tell you what I smoked.

Sherm said...

I love those model drawings...and I'm glad you linked to the cartoon!